Oscium Fully Compatible with Lightning Adapter

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., October 11, 2012 – Ever since the iPhone 5 was announced, the million-dollar question has been: which accessories work and which ones will eventually go in the trash? Well. Today the adapter that converts the 30-pin dock connector into the lightning connector arrived. Finally, there is clarity. So what’s the answer?
All of Oscium’s products work including: iMSO-104WiPry-ComboWiPry-SpectrumLogiScope

About Oscium

Oscium delivers innovative test equipment that leverages the easy-to-use touchscreen interface of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. As an MFi-approved developer, Oscium interfaces with the iOS family of products through the 30-pin dock connector, making our design both convenient and practical. Oscium is making cutting-edge test equipment that’s more intuitive and easy to use.


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Oscium delivers innovative test equipment accessories that connect to a smartphone or tablet transforming the host device into a portable troubleshooting tool for field technicians. Hardware can be purchased from Oscium and free software apps are downloaded on either Google Play or in the Apple App Store.
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