Oscium Fully Compatible with Lightning Adapter

October 11, 2012
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., October 11, 2012 – Ever since the iPhone 5 was announced, the million-dollar question has been: which accessories work and which ones will eventually go in the trash? Well. Today the adapter that converts the 30-pin dock connector into the lightning connector arrived. Finally, there is clarity. So what’s the answer?
All of Oscium’s products work including: iMSO-104WiPry-ComboWiPry-SpectrumLogiScope

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Oscium delivers innovative test equipment that leverages the easy-to-use touchscreen interface of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. As an MFi-approved developer, Oscium interfaces with the iOS family of products through the 30-pin dock connector, making our design both convenient and practical. Oscium is making cutting-edge test equipment that's more intuitive and easy to use.


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2 comments on “Oscium Fully Compatible with Lightning Adapter”

  1. I have 1 of the first WiPry specAn’s it has the pre-lightning connector. I got an adapter but it seems to not be recognized.

    Am I missing something? Do y’all sell adapters to hook up to IPhone 13?

    1. Makes us smile to see this. Love that you have one of the original WiPry’s! Believe that product was the WiPry Spectrum & was released almost 12 years ago. We totally used to sell those adapters but then Apple stopped making them about 5 years ago. Several years after that, we found a few legit ones in the marketplace (Mac store, Walmart) but those eventually sold out as well. The reason your adapter doesn't work: Apple put an authentication chip inside their adapters to authenticate data transfers. So if need data (& not just power) to flow through the cable, you need an ‘official’ one. The cheap Amazon adapters usually are missing the authentication chip.

      Long story short: we don’t have any more. But am happy to offer you a discount for an upgrade. We sell two WiPry’s today: WiPry Clarity and WiPry 2500x. Send us an email at support@oscium.com for the discounted invoice. We love to hook our long-term customers up!

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