Oscium Nomad Partners with Hamina Onsite

Fast and simple site surveys and network validation.

Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad

At Hamina, we're all about simplifying wireless network design. Our brand-new site survey solution is no exception. Hamina Onsite combines the ease-of-use of Hamina Planner with the simplicity of Oscium Nomad to create an awesome site survey experience.

Whether you're just getting into wireless, or you're a seasoned CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert), Hamina Wireless' site survey solution paints the picture of your network in easy-to-read heatmaps

Hamina Onsite is Here!

...and it scales up, but with a low bar

  • Get Real
    Real world measurements, that is. Use Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad to measure your network's real world coverage and interference.

  • Instant Results
    Instantly view heatmaps of the survey results. Primary coverage and secondary coverage heatmaps (and more coming soon) update live while you survey, so you can troubleshoot instantly.

  • Validate and Troubleshoot
    Validate new networks, troubleshooting existing ones, and perform real-time analysis of your Wi-Fi access points (and your neighbor's access points).

Hamina Onsite

The most reliable site survey app

  • Perfectly Paired for Surveying
    Take Hamina Onsite and Oscium Nomad onsite, and get the measurements! The Oscium Nomad device measures the data, and the Hamina Onsite app records and visualizes it as beautiful heatmaps.

  • Focused on Reliability
    We've felt the pain of losing survey data, and wouldn't wish that on anyone (especially our customers), so we've built Hamina Onsite to be ultra-reliable from the ground up.

  • No Internet? No Problem!
    Hamina Onsite works offline. When you're back to the internet, the gathered data will be synchronized to the Hamina cloud for deeper analysis in Hamina Network Planner.

Introducing the Oscium Nomad

Heavy specs, light weight

  • All-new from Oscium
    Hamina Wireless has partnered with the RF test equipment experts at Oscium to build the Oscium Nomad, a wearable Wi-Fi measurement device that's perfect for effortless and reliable surveys.

  • Feature-Packed and Future-Proof
    Packing four Wi-Fi 6E radios, Oscium Nomad is 100 percent ready for 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz surveys (including Wi-Fi 7). The powerful built-in battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous surveying, and it charges super-fast during breaks.
    Coming soon: add optional spectrum analysis with WiPry Clarity.

  • Fly Under the Radar
    It's light, surprisingly compact, and is the perfect travel companion. It's also pretty subtle to minimize weird looks while you survey, and did we mention that it's pretty inexpensive?

Validation Surveys

From design to deployment, deployment to validation, all in one project. Survey your new network to make sure it meets your design requirements.

AP-on-a-Stick Surveys (Coming Soon)

Want to design in the real world? No problem for Hamina Onsite! Pop an AP on a Wi-Fi Stand, and survey around it with ease to see the real-world coverage, all before you commit to putting the AP on the ceiling.

Take Note

Use Hamina Onsite to add notes and photos. Document incorrectly installed APs, or specific instructions to make sure hardware is installed correctly (the first time).

Collaboration and Sharing

Buy Hamina Onsite subscriptions for the people who need to survey, on site. Buy Hamina Network Planner subscriptions for the people who need to analyze the results, and create reports. It's that easy.

Live Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi scanning, live and direct from Oscium Nomad. Spectrum analysis coming soon, too!


Use Hamina Onsite to design anywhere: offices, warehouses, hospitals, outdoors, even spaceships, if you have one of those. If you do, let us know. We'd love to hear about it.
Hamina Onsite Specifications
  • Connects to the Oscium Nomad to gather data
  • Works with the latest iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon MacBooks
  • Three survey modes: point, line, and continuous
  • Live-updating heatmaps while you survey
  • Add notes to the map to create documentation
  • Works offline! No internet connection needed while you survey
Oscium Nomad Specifications
  • Four Wi-Fi 6E adapters with 2 spatial streams each
  • Built-in battery with up to four hours of survey time
  • USB-C Power Delivery charging port
  • USB-C data port, plus USB-A port for spectrum analyzer expansion
  • 14 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.5 cm (5.5" x 5" x 1.4")
  • 415 grams (14.75 oz)
Customer Opinion

Hamina Wireless' scientific method for designing wireless networks is the perfect complement to our commitment of providing customers with fast, stable, and robust Wi-Fi solutions.

Bryan Slayman
Product Line Manager, Engenius Technologies

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