Oscium and Hamina Partner up to Deliver a Brand-New Wi-Fi Site Surveys Solution

We’re excited to unveil our new partnership with Hamina Wireless, the makers of industry-leading wireless (Wi-Fi, private 4G/5G, IoT) network planning tools.

Together, we’ve developed a new Wi-Fi site survey solution that enables users to perform site surveys accurately, comprehensively, and without hassle. The solution includes Hamina Onsite (app) and Oscium Nomad (Wi-Fi measurement device).

Hamina Onsite

Hamina Onsite is a high-performance mobile and desktop app designed for conducting wireless site surveys. Hamina Onsite enables you to perform precise Wi-Fi site surveys with ease. Check out www.hamina.com for more information.

Key Features

  • 3 site survey modes: point, line, and continuous
  • Live updating of heatmaps while surveying
  • Document AP installations and other findings during the survey using pictures and text notes

Oscium Nomad

The Nomad is a premium-quality, portable, and battery-powered W-Fi measurement device, built by Oscium exclusively for Hamina Wireless. It is designed to provide effortless and precise site surveys with Hamina Onsite.

Key Features

  • Four (4) high-performance Wi-Fi 6E radios
  • Powerful battery provides 4+ hours of continuous surveying and fast charging
  • Eight (8) custom antennas provide precise Wi-Fi measurements that accurately represent real-world Wi-Fi clients
  • Upgraded option to include spectrum analysis with Oscium WiPry Clarity

Ready for Action?

Oscium delivers innovative test equipment accessories that connect to a smartphone or tablet transforming the host device into a portable troubleshooting tool for field technicians. Hardware can be purchased from Oscium and free software apps are downloaded on either Google Play or in the Apple App Store.
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