New Product Transforms iPad Into Portable Logic Analyzer

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –May 21, 2012–Oscium is proud to announce the launch of their new product, LogiScope. LogiScope is a logic analyzer with the real time data analysis capabilities of an oscilloscope. Oscium’s test and measurement equipment is ultra-portable and designed specifically for the iOS family of products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The LogiScope is a powerful tool that transforms an iPad into a 100MHz, 16 channel logic analyzer for only $389.99. Traditionally, a logic analyzer records a buffer which has to be downloaded and searched. Now with LogiScope’s advanced triggering, decoded data can be viewed live, eliminating the need to capture, pause, and then view. There is no need to settle for pictures when it’s possible to analyze live data.

The touchscreen-based iOS platform is truly a superior solution making the display simple and intuitive. For example, changing the timescale is as easy as zooming into a picture on a smartphone, and adjusting the delay is as simple as a swipe across the top of the screen. LogiScope’s intuitive interface also provides immediate feedback for signals that are too fast for the timescale by changing the waveform to red. No need to wait for the reading to be complete. Save precious time and receive instant feedback with LogiScope.

“The user interface on LogiScope is extremely well executed,” said Bryan Lee, President of Oscium. “It’s our best interface yet.”

Logiscope version 1.0.12 is available for download free in the Apple App Store. The LogiScope app is made for: iPod touch (3rd, and 4th generation), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3, iPad 2, and iPad. LogiScope hardware can be purchased for $389.99 from Oscium directly or from one of our partners. Visit us at to purchase or for more information.

About Oscium
Oscium designs test equipment you want to get your ‘hands on’. We leverage the intuitive features and touchscreen technology found in the iOS family of products (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) making test equipment easier to use than ever. As an MFi-approved developer, Oscium interfaces with the iOS family of products through the 30-pin dock connector, making our design both convenient and practical. Oscium has created a new category in test equipment called iOS Test with the following first-to-market accessories for the iPhone (and iPod touch, iPad) including: iMSO-104, mixed signal oscilloscope LogiScope, logic analyzer WiPry-Combo, combination spectrum analyzer & dynamic power meter WiPry-Power, dynamic power meter WiPry-Spectrum, spectrum analyzer

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