EEWeb Interviews Matt Lee on The Future of Test Equipment

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –June 25, 2013–Oscium creates test equipment that utilizes the intuitive features and touchscreen technology of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Founded by brothers Matt and Bryan Lee in January of 2010, Oscium existed for an entire year before releasing its first product. During that year, the Oscium engineering team was developing and fine-tuning its first product -the iMSO scope- in its Oklahoma City offices. The company has since expanded and has recently won multiple design and engineering awards for their WiPry family of products.

EEWeb spoke with Matt Lee, the Co-founder and Technical Team Lead at Oscium about the company’s growth, why they targeted mobile devices for their test equipment products, and why he believes that Oscium is paving the way for the future of test equipment. Click here to read the full interview.

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About Oscium

Oscium delivers personal instrumentation that leverages the easy-to-use interface of the iPad, iPhone and iPod. As an app-cessory maker, Oscium designs both an accessory and an app for each tool. Using touchscreen-based technology, Oscium is making cutting edge test equipment more intuitive and easy to use. Oscium has created a new category in test equipment called iOS Test with the following first-to-market accessory tools: LogiScope (logic analyzer), iMSO-104 (mixed signal oscilloscope), WiPry-Combo (combination spectrum analyzer & dynamic power meter), WiPry-Spectrum (spectrum analyzer).

The future of test equipment is here.

Ready for Action?

Oscium delivers innovative test equipment accessories that connect to a smartphone or tablet transforming the host device into a portable troubleshooting tool for field technicians. Hardware can be purchased from Oscium and free software apps are downloaded on either Google Play or in the Apple App Store.
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